7 Conviction Principles


  1. Christian Parents are responsible to strategize for the discipleship of their children. Good City Kids will provide weekly opportunities for high energy, creative biblical instruction to aid parents in the discipleship process.
  2. Many children will not be actively discipled by their own parents so Good City Kids will provide a safe, energetic, loving environment for consistent Kingdom nourishment for all children.
  3. Children can and should learn rich biblical truth at an early age. Good City Kids is dedicated to providing clear, doctrinally-sound, compelling, biblical teaching.
  4. Children should begin healthy discipleship practices as they grow in their understanding of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Good City Kids will emphasize life patterns of truth (wisdom & doctrine), worship (prayer & song), love (small group care & friendship) & story (gospel understanding and joy).
  5. Children should love coming to church and learn the joy and value of good relationships within their church family. Good City Kids will provide an energetic, enjoyable, relationally-connected, environment to keep our kids longing for more and strive to prepare children for the next steps of healthy local church life.
  6. Children should learn to act like Jesus in wisdom, kindness, respect and joy as they interact with adults and peers. Good City Kids will teach kids our Good City Grooves and cultivate them as tools for the development of healthy relationships.
  7. Children should have high gospel exposure and minimal gospel decision pressure to make space for the Holy Spirit to draw them to Jesus in God’s timing. Good City Kids will not pressure conversion but will work with parents to have significant gospel conversations as kids grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and their desire for the saving work of Jesus.