GCK Creative Spaces

On Sunday Mornings while parents are worshipping together, children will be immersed in the world of Good City Kids! Six key spaces led by our Good City Kids Serve Team will make up their discipleship experience every Sunday morning:

  • Good City Theatre – Big Group Stage for Welcome, Good City Grooves, Songs & Stories
  • Good City Stadium – Big Group game space for high energy games!
  • Coffee & Crumpet Café – Prayer Barista with animal-cracker crumpets and "coffee juice" cultivates small-group, care practices & prayer.
  • Credenda Book Shop – Quirky Book Shop Owner teaches Catechisms from the BIG BOOK OF LEARNING. 
  • The Storyboard Studio – Creativity Curator with a funny hat connects creative, hands-on projects with the Big Beautiful Story of the Bible.
  • Construction Zone – Pre-service block-building table surrounded by Orange Pilons and Yellow Construction Tape.