Community Groups

Followers of Jesus need ongoing contexts of hospitality, encouragement, biblical conversation, spiritual-gift cultivation and missional-cooperation for whole-life integrated spiritual formation!


At Reclamtion Church we believe that small groups are one of the primary life-spaces where that can happen consistently. 


The Purpose of Reclamation Community Groups is to provide time and space for followers of King Jesus to cultivate meaningful realtionships of care, discipleship, formation and mission.


Our Community Groups have 7 Essential Features that make them worth the Investment:       

     1. Concern for Whole-Person HEALTH

     2.  A Welcoming, Kid-Friendly HOSPITALITY

     3. A Big-God-with-Much-Grace-for-Broken-People HUMILITY

     4. Prayerful & Personal Movements for Genuine HELP for Each Other

     5. Celebration with Doctrinal Depth through Robust HYMNS

     6. A Gospel-Centered Cultivation of HOPE

     7. Meeting Together Weeks 1-3 of Each Month as a Matter of HABIT